Community Gardens

Hug-A-Root exists to support and expand the production and consumption of healthy, local food by educating people regarding the benefits of eating locally grown food, advocating policies and systems that promote a local food system, and cultivating food and helping others to do the same.

Hug-A-Root Family Farms installs gardens for organizations.

Hug-A-Root Homies help a family take the first step toward growing their own food in a backyard garden.


We accomplish the final objective in a variety of ways: 1) Hug-A-Root installs and maintains community gardens. Half the food from these gardens is given away and half is sold to support the staff and garden operations. 2) Hug-A-Root installs and maintains family partnership gardens.  A family provides the land, pays for the water bill, and volunteers in the garden whenever possible; Hug-A-Root plans, plants, and maintains the garden.  The family gets to eat whatever they want out of the garden, and the rest is either sold or given away by Hug-A-Root. 3) Organizations hire Hug-A-Root to install a community garden which is then maintained by members of that organization.

Hug-A-Root has installed over a dozen gardens in the Abilene area and actively manages the Mary Bowden Memorial Community Garden and two family partnership gardens.

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