We put food on tables.  Good, local, chemical-free food.


Naturally grown food from local farms isn't as accessible to our communities as it should be.  We are on a mission to change that.  Here's how:


We must support our local farmers.  If the local farmer doesn't make a living growing food, then the local food supply won't be available to us for long.  We distribute food that's grown exclusively at local farms.


We deliver weekly baskets of food straight to your door when you sign up for home delivery.  Your contributions support the farmer and our ability to distribute food to you and to people in need.


We give away thousands of pounds of food from local farms to people in need each year!  See what good can come when we work towards agricultural revival in our communities?

It's a truly symbiotic relationship.  Now you see why our tagline is"Local Farms. Your Table. Community Needs." #LoYoCo



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