Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams.jpg

Ashley Williams

“Volunteering at Hug A Root I am thankful that I learn compassion…”

Hi! Im Ashley Williams and I am currently studying Environmental Science at ACU, specifically with wanting to know more about sustainability with food.

I was always curious about local food and never would have thought I could be involved at a local farm here in Buffalo Gap. Hug A Root has shown me so much in the time I’ve been volunteering. Love, compassion, and community!

The passion Josh & Pam have for this farm really shows that local food can work. This works with the community as well. I think I was called to be involved here and share.

I have enough bread on my table so why not share with those who do not right here in our town. Volunteering at Hug A Root I am thankful that I learn compassion and what the Lord calls us to do every time I am out there.

It of course can be stressful, but it comes with a peace and gratification.